Billy Carts – 3D Game Art Outsourcing

Billy Carts – 3D Game Art Outsourcing


EVA 2017 – Argentine Game Industry Event

  Medicci , as a Game Art Outsourcing company, accompanied the developer team of the musical game “Oir” in the videogame exhibition of Argentina 2017 held at the National Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation. Many people tested the game available for IOS where you require rhythmic precision and memory. Next the impressions of…

Mixing Blender, Zbrush and 3D Coat

Hello everyone! The last days we at wanted to make time for experimenting and trying new things. So today I would like to show you my experience mixing Blender, Zbrush and 3D Coat. I started with a cube in Blender using the Dynamic topology sculpting tool. I was able to verify how practical, simple…