Video Game Workshop at UBA University

The objectives of the art and design workshop in video games, student work and the teaching team


Messi Runner printed in 3D

Bamby Bueno sent us the photos of how it looks! Our 3D cartoonish model of Messi printed in 3D with golden paint. Bamby Bueno is a 3D Printing Service company from Buenos Aires Argentina, they focus on 3D printing art. Jeronimo Veroa is the visual artist and the founder behind the courtains. This 3d art model…

Mixing Blender, Zbrush and 3D Coat

Hello everyone! The last days I wanted to make time for experimenting and trying new things. So today I would like to show you my experience mixing Blender, Zbrush and 3D Coat. I started with a cube in Blender using the Dynamic topology sculpting tool. I was able to verify how practical, simple and effective…