Virtual Reality Arquitectural Visualization Development for Occulus and HTC Vive

This is a virtual reality development for devices such as Occulus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear VR.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual Reality is a digital tool that allows you to visit a place not yet built and live it as if you were there.

What devices are used?

The best known are the HTC Vive, the most expensive, the Occulus Rift and the Samsung Gear the most accessible. The first two are used in conjunction with a PC and the third with a Samsung mobile device.

What is the use of virtual reality in architectural visualization?

It serves to view apartments as if you were visiting them in real life, but they are not yet built. The feeling is totally more realistic than the images or videos. It gives the feeling that one is there, is something very superior to any other standard visual representation.
Experience can not be described, it is best to view it yourself.

Here we let you with a Demo we made.


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