Third Biennial FADU UBA “Art and Design in Video Games”

“Art and Design in Video Games”

A space where the design is shown and experienced in all their dimensions

Through a Workshop entitled “Art and Design in Video Games” we will participate in the third Design Biennial at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires.

The Workshop will consist in experimenting the different disciplines that intervene in the development of a videogame: Script and narrative techniques, music and sound, Graphic Design and Visual Art. We will make a pre-project of a video game guided by professionals from each area: Juan Martín Otegui (Musical composer and audiovisual producer), Gonzalo D’alessandro (Musician), Jerónimo Veroa (Visual artist), Alejandra Mendoza (Graphic designer) and Luis Roach ( Graphic designer and 3D artist).

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